15 French bulldog facts that you may find fascinating

As a human being, we all love pet animals to grow in our house. As it different type of pet animals dog is mostly like, loveable, desire to grow in house. We all think that it is not only a loveable pet animal also it will take care of the house and it will rescue us from the thieves.

If you also have a loveable pet on your home, you should take care of it to keep it healthy and for that, you need to do things like take a dog to regular visits to veterinary hospital because regular body check up makes the body normal level so that our dog will be in the normal.
Not only for the security purpose, in present generation the dogs are also loved by young girls who always keep their pet dogs with them, especially there some high family dogs are considered as a family member.

For example, the French bulldogs are one of the fascinating creatures by nature due to their special things which includes their bat-like ears, to their flat and small faces to their loving personality. Due to these special characters, the French bulldogs become the favorites of many American family homes.

Most of the people from rural countries may think that the French bulldogs are very small in size so that it will not work as natural dogs but the real truth is the French Bulldogs have a huge personalities which is not only steal the hearts of the people and also it can empty their purse.

A small french bulldog puppy can have a cost between $1,400 to $8,000 which more expensive than buying all other types of dogs. But the people who already have French bulldogs on their homes tell that the cost is workable when it compare to the love and affection the dog show to their owners.

There are some many things in French bulldogs which cannot be met by the other dogs it includes their building little eyes. Other than this there are many reasons to buy a french bulldogs which are explained below,

A French bulldog easily adapts the environment:

Most of the dogs will not adapt different environments. For example, if you adopts a dog in England it will grow well on that environment, but when you take it to any other place like America or other countries, it will not accepts that environment.

But this problem will not arise when you adapts a French bulldogs because the French bulldogs are having a nature that it can adapts any environment.

This can be proved by the name of the dog itself, which is even though the French bulldogs are having French its growth was encouraged by England people. And also at present, the French bulldogs are loved by the American families.

A report about French bulldog growth tells that on last year the American kennel club itself has nearly 7000 new registrations for French bulldogs which is 49% hike from the previous year and it is more than 1000% increase from the last 10 years.

French Bulldogs have bulging beautiful eyes:

The most attractive thing present in the French bulldogs is their bulging eyes. Even though the French bulldogs has beautiful body parts such as its unique stylish ears, its hair color, short and cute little legs, small body and small size, the most lovable thing in French bulldogs is their eyes.

French Bulldogs are having a beautiful and bulging eye. The French bulldogs are so cute and smart but most of their owners in America love them due to their comical appearance that includes their bulging eyes and flat faces which chars them the most. Because of this reasons the Frenchies are known as the clowns of the cannies.

French bulldogs are intelligent in nature:

Not only appearance the French bulldogs has the whole package. It has good look with intelligence. French bulldogs are popular for their doggone odd appearance with amazing qualities.

Apart from that, the French bulldogs have unique special personalities as they are independent thinkers and also they are very curious for making them just a bit of mischievous.

One of the best example of French bulldogs intelligence is, the French bulldogs play well with others and they give an excellent companion to all other kind of dogs and small kids.
Even a very small kid who aged about only 5 years can also play with the French dogs, they will not hurt the kids who played with them and they encourage the kids to play with the dogs so that the kids will get rid from the fear about dogs.

French bulldogs are very lovable to all:

Everybody who adopts a pet dog for their home will expect loveable action from their pets and in that perspective, the French bulldogs are considered as a lovable animals. Once the French bulldog keep any person as an owner in their mind, then they will dedicate their life for their owners and if any problem is happened to their owners, the French bulldogs will try to fight against that problem and protect their owners.

This is the reason behind the celebrities like French bulldogs as their favorite pet animals. Especially the actress is loved to adopt the French bulldogs and they love to walk with their lovable French bulldogs. Most of the Hollywood and Bollywood actress has French Bulldogs on their residents because these dogs can easily fit into their handbags and it was considered as a high fashion trend to have French bulldog as a pet.

French bulldogs can be trained easily:

Without having a proper training French bulldogs are same like a small child, they don’t know anything apart from their natural behavior which means without training the Bulldogs will be anywhere and they don’t know how to behave with their owners and how to play with the kids.

On the other hand, if you give a proper training, they will behave same like humans, after getting a proper training these dogs are well-behaved and they can adjust even with the babies and they comes to know how to obey its owners order. If you able to get via their stubborn nature then it is very easy to train them. Most of the trainer of French bulldogs claims that if it possible, you can convince these dogs and it is in their best interest to know how to any new task so that they will learn it very quickly, which means the trainers rewarding them with a treat and affection.

French bulldogs are fashionistas:

The French bulldogs are very fashions in nature. The French bulldogs have a beautiful body structure and beautiful look and appearance, to make them even more beautiful most of the pet owners make them more fashionable.

For example, the French bulldogs will look perfect on every day with a great dress up. There are unique and specially designed dress is present in the market for the French bulldogs. These dresses may cost a lot but the rich owners tend to buy that dresses and make their pets even more beautiful.

Most of the owners of French bulldogs love to adorn their dogs pups look with a latest styles and costumes and they strut them around the town but the little lovers don’t seem to mind all these fashion things and normally French bulldogs love all attention towards them.

French bulldogs are colorful in every part of it like rainbow:

Another specialty of French bulldogs is its different parts have different colors so that the whole body of French bulldogs looks like rainbow. Other than that the French bulldogs’ body comes with many colors as brindle, fawn, brindle, ash, and white.

Some other colors which that the AKC standard does not recognize are black, mouse, black and tan, liver and black and white. Whatever it is, the color of French bulldog is approved by AKC or not due to the different colors French bulldogs are looks as a perfect pooch in its own eyes.

While you think about the different colors of French bulldogs, most common color which many people like to have is white and black or tan, because white and black puppies looks very attractive than all other colors.

French bulldogs will play well with all other type of dogs:

Mostly any kind of dogs does not like to play with other types of dogs, in case they will fight one with another when you keep them in a same place at a time. But the French dogs will do not like that, they will play with all types of dogs or all types of pooches.

The French bulldogs make friends with other dogs but they are not like to play with the cats. The French bulldogs are active, playful and they should have a daily exercise because of their high energy level.
After playing lot of games with fun, they like to sleep it off for little amount of time and normally they sleep in the chair or any other places. Most of the owners who love their very much will allow their pet to sleep on their lap itself.

French bulldogs may need high maintenance:

As a pet animal unlike all other pets the French bulldogs need much more care and maintenance process, this is due to the French bulldogs has very soft body and bones. The hair of French bulldogs looks very soft which is the main advantage of these pet animals.

The buts or bones of bulldogs need much more maintenance. Hence the French bulldogs are listed under the pets have high maintenance and also they can suffer from medical problems such as knee pain, eye problems, teeth issues and even a hip dysplasia.

When you look for breeding the French bulldogs, it is sensitive to the food allergies, if you feed them bad foods them it get affected by health issues as gas problems and more, hence proper supervising also need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

French Bulldogs have hot body condition even in the cool environment:

The reason why the American people like to adopt the French bulldogs is their body condition. The French bulldogs are best companion during the winter and cool weather. Because of the dark level hair grow on the body of French bulldogs, their body will remain hot even in the cool environment. The French bulldogs have a short nose which cannot exercise a long time or they will be overheat.

If you keep your French Bulldogs in a heart condition them it will become very hot, so that try to keep them in air-conditioned rooms, then only it will be cool and calm. On the other hand, the French bulldogs are stay better in the cold weather countries like America. When the owner hugs their pet they too feel hot, so that they like to adopt it in their home.

French bulldogs are small in size, but they are big protector:

Many people think that the Bulldogs are only adopts due to its attractive appearance only and they will not do the job of securing the home, which is totally a wrong thought. Because the French bulldogs are not only cute and beautiful, other than that they are territorial and protective to the home. The quirky behavior of French bulldogs sometimes alerts their owners of intruders about danger, but it will not happen on all time.

The French bulldogs are little breed so that they make an ideal apartment or house dog and it is very bad that they snore, drool, slobber and pass gas which is irritating thing during the growth of French bulldogs.

French Bulldogs do not need much more grooming:

We all know that all types’ dogs have hair on their body and some type’s dogs may have higher hair growth, hence they need more grooming.

If you are groom the hair of your dog frequently then it will look and the overgrow hair may fall on the floors of your home, water, and food which will lead to affected with many dangerous disease. This is a reason why some people are not like to have a dog on their home.

But when you look for the French bulldogs, they do not need much more grooming, because the French Bulldogs have a short, sleek and easy to care coat. Even though daily brushing is suggested to keep your French bulldog from shedding on the furniture due to it is very difficult to keep these couch potatoes off the couch.

French Bulldogs live a long and happy life:

Another advantage adopting the French bulldogs is they live a very long life than all other type of dogs. It is common that the owner of pet love their pets so that if anything is happened to their pets they will get very upset and some people who love their pets a lot will tend to attend even for suicide due to the mental stress.

Adopting a French bulldogs will reduce this stress level because the French bulldogs has a very long life compare to all other types of dogs and all other pet animals.

The total lifetime of French dogs is about 8 to 12 years. sometimes it may live up to 16 years.
Just as any breed, lifestyle, bloodline and all other factors determine the lifespan of these dogs. Most of the experts visit to the vet to keep their puppy happy and healthy for a long lifetime.

A French bulldog does not swim:

One major disadvantage adopting the French bulldogs is they cannot swim. Even though it has many talents they cannot able to learn swimming. They cannot swim or even doggie paddle, but their squatty body and heavy head helps to prevents them from keeping above the water level.

If you want to take care of your French bulldog, then always keep them away from swimming pools to prevent them to fall on the water.

French bulldogs are historical connection with England:

The French bulldogs are not only favorite pet animals for American families. it is also favorite for England people too. Whereas the French bulldog breed was established in France, the breed would not exist at all were it not for their English ancestors. The breed was created from crossing of old-style England bulldogs with French terriers and a local small dog which breeds in the Normandy region of France. A research says that British workers took their pets with them, including a large number of old-style England bulldogs.

Apart from all above factors there are some other things to be noted during the growth of French bulldogs which are explained below, Normally the height of the French bulldogs is about 30cm for females and 30cm for females. The average weight of male French bulldog is about 12.5kg and female is about 11kg.

The French bulldogs are suggested as a best choice for the people who own dogs for first time because they are always very amenable and eager to please them. The French dogs tend to make wonderful companions and they are best family pets. This is because they thrive in a normal home environment loving nothing more than to be involved in everything which goes on their surroundings.

The French bulldogs have very strong bonds with their owners and they can able to suffer from a condition which is known as a separation of anxiety and if they find they are left in their own for a length of time.

The French bulldogs are not known to be for that vocal, but it should a dog which feels neglected or left to their own devices for a very long time, they may well start barking for their attention. If you are new to train your pet, then you need to teach them the basic comments as below,

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Quiet
  • Leave it
  • Down
  • Bed

Other than that vaccination of French bulldogs is also important. The French dogs would have been given with their initial vaccinations before being sold, but it is up to their new owners who need to make sure that they have their follow-up shots in timely way with a proper vaccination schedule which is given as below,

The first time vaccination is happen on 10 -12 weeks old dogs but bearing in mind that a puppy would not have full protection straight away, but they would be fully protected at least for 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination. French bulldogs  suffer of a lot of health issues such as thyroid that can affect their skin, but in general, they have a healthy skin even though some dogs can suffer from the grass that results in them chewing in their own feet.

The most common triggers for allergies on French bulldogs are listed below,

  • Certain foods
  • Airborne pollens
  • Dust Mites
  • Environment
  • Flea and tick bites
  • Chemicals found in everyday household cleaning products

If you want to keep your pet healthy you need to keep it safe from all above factors.