Accessories : Harnesses, Collars, Leashes & More

french bulldog treatsThe French bulldog is smaller in size compare to both the American and English bulldogs. And also it was exceptionally playful and good natured dog, who fits remarkably well thanks to his owner back, playful nature.

It will respond to the commands which are readily thriving off of your companionship. It is gentle behavior will make it as a great member of all the family, which has a displaying patience and kindness with children as well as living alongside other pets.

When you are an owner of a French bulldog, you should concentrate on some of the accessories of that to make it more comfortable to live with you. Some of the accessories of the French bulldog are listed below,

  • A food bowl and a water dish,
  • Bulldog food,
  • Treats,
  • Leash and collar,

A food bowl and a water dish:

stainless steel bowlsGenerally, the dishes are large enough for the pet dogs to grow into a good level. Mostly choose the bowls which can hold at least a quart ¼ cups 1/32 oz. choose the dishes with the large bottoms so that they do not tip over easily.

Choose the stainless steel bowls, because they will last a lifetime and cannot be chewed up by your pet. Hard plastic dishes are also acceptable, but they won’t last as long and also they tend to become chew toys to your pets, and can harbor bacteria.

Bulldog food:

You can order your pet dog food via the online. Try to give the Paw Tree’s all-life-stages turkey and sweet potato chow for all of our new puppies and moms. It is good to use this chow for at least the first month after you get your new dog.

After some months past your pet will growing well, so that you can transition over to a high-quality puppy or all-life-stages chow from another respected company if you choose.

When you choose a company for your pet dog food, just be sure that it has a high protein level at least 26%, high fat level at least 16%, and high fiber level at least 4% dry dog chow that has meat as the first ingredient and does not include corn, wheat, or soy in your pet food.


You can buy a commercially prepared dog treats from any of the online websites. Generally, the bulldogs will love small pieces of cheese, hot dog, chicken, or beef, so that try to buy them for your bulldog.

You should give these items in a different moderation as a reward for your dog doing something well. To ensure a healthy, trim bulldog, you should avoid feeding it table scraps.

Leash and collar:

You should start off with a dog leash and collar when you own for a French bulldog. You can try the Y-shaped harness than the “8” shaped harness and use the regular collars which will work best for the French bulldogs. Because the Frenchie’s have flat faces and their breathing is less efficient than a long nose dog and make sure your Frenchie is trained early to walk on a leash.