Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Padded Dog Harness Vest Review

Blueberry Pet HarnessTaking your dog out for a walk is integral to the maintenance of your pup’s overall health. Training your dog to walk properly is a menace. Leashes or collars are not of much help. Therefore, many pet owners prefer having harnesses instead.

While harnesses hold various advantages ranging from better training to the exertion of low pressure on any particular body part, some dogs do not like the feel of harnesses available on the market. If you wish to provide your dog with a harness which is soft and comfortable, you should opt for Blueberry Pet Harness.

Great Support for Your Dog’s Shoulder & Chest

One of the primary disadvantages of a leash is that it puts unneeded pressure on the neck of your beloved pet. All harnesses tend to avoid this issue. This harness takes the matter further by effectively supporting your pet’s shoulder and chest.

Such a feature would help your pup with maintaining the right posture and also insure that if your dog likes to pull away when on a walk, it does not harm itself as in the case of collars. The support that this product provides enhances the advantages of owning it.

Soft yet Durable

Many dog owners report that their pets do not like the feel of harnesses. It is usually the case with products which are hard or made of a material which causes discomfort to your beloved companion. This product successfully combats this issue by equipping the harness with an inner lining material which is marked by softness. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that your pet will not like the product.

Furthermore, the outer canvas is highly durable. The manufacturers realize that the harness, since meant for outdoor activities, is prone to damage and filth. Therefore, they have made the product to be washable and equipped it with a material which is marked by durability.


blueberry pet harnessApart from the value-added features mentioned above, the following characteristics accompany the product:

  • The product is perfect for small- and medium-sized dogs.
  • The harness is of a vest type.
  • The size of the harness is as follows:
  • Width: 5/8 inches
  • Neck and girth: 13 x 16-18.5 inches
  • Chest: 5.5 inches
  • The package only includes the harness, but the same color leash can be bought as an added accessory to complete the look.
  • The harness comes in light emerald green, orange fusion, and rouge red colors. Such colors give the product an esthetic appeal and are a symbol of decency.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Overall, customers have lauded this product for having the perfect combination of durability, style, and comfort. Moreover, users find the price of the product to be highly affordable which when combined with the durability factor makes a purchase of this item a good decision. Furthermore, it is easy to get on and off your dog which further adds on to the convenience of owning the product.

However, some have reported that the harness has not the correct size for their dogs. This criticism shows that the product does not cater to all kinds of breeds and therefore you should check the dimensions and measure your dog before investing in the harness. Some also think that the material is too thick and may not be the best option in summers.

Regardless of the minor flaws that this product exhibits, a majority of the dog owners agree that the product has succeeded in offering great value at an affordable price.

If you value your dog’s comfort above all and wish for a product which provides your pup with such support for a long time, you should give Blueberry Pet Harnesses a try.