Blueberry Pet Collars Review

Blueberry pet collarsWalking with your dog is an excellent way to bond as well as to insure that your beloved pet maintains its health. However, if proper precautions are not taken, a mere act of taking your pet out for a walk might prove to be dangerous. Such an incident may cause your pup to slip out of its collar or harness and run onto the road.

Therefore, there is a need for a high quality collar to guarantee that your dog remains safe and sound. People prefer collars over harnesses since the latter commonly causes a feeling of discomfort and itch in many dogs. Therefore, collars are the favorite choice of many. If you are one such person, you should give Blueberry Pet Collars a try.

Enhanced Durability

Dog owners usually wish for a product which is durable. It is because it is inconvenient to switch from one collar to another. Moreover, your dog takes time getting used to the feel of the collar; and a lack of durability means that you and your dog will have to go through the extensive process of getting accustomed to the product all over again.

Manufacturers of this product realize such a need of dog owners and therefore have taken multiple steps to insure the robustness of the collar. The product is made of fabric, which is nylon in nature and equipped with webbing of high density. Moreover, metal D-ring is coated with the chrome to enhance the sturdiness of the part, and thereby of the entire product.

Availability in 8 colors

Blueberry pet collarsWho does not like the abundance of options? It sounds like a lucrative offer especially when they allow you to add personalized touches to the wardrobe of your dog. Every dog owner wishes for its dog to stand out amongst the crowd. Every owner wants its dog’s accessory to be a reflection of its personality.

This product allows you to explore various options when it comes to colors, which in turn allow the collars to feel like a personalized item, a feature appreciated by many. Available colors include yellow, orchid, emerald, orange, pink, turquoise, neon green, and royal blue.


Apart from the mentioned features, this product exhibits the following characteristics:

  • The product is not stretchable therefore precise measurement of your dog is advised.
  • The buckles are made from eco-friendly material allowing this product to be environmentally sustainable.
  • The neck size is 12-16 inches; the width is 5/8 inches.
  • The product is available in extra small, small, medium, and large size, thereby catering to the masses.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Blueberry pet collarsCustomers have lauded this product for offering an array of value-added features. Users have reported that the collar is truly durable in reality, therefore, showing that the manufacturers have delivered what they promised. Moreover, the collar can be successfully used on cats, dogs, and goats. Such a broad market segment has allowed this product to be a likely choice of a variety of pet owners.

However, the clipping loop is small. Therefore, if your pup puts up a fight as you try to put the collar on it, such a small loop makes the task harder than before. Users have also reported that the clip is small which cannot be used effectively by those with fat fingers, thereby making the product slightly inconvenient.

All in all, this product succeeds in satisfying pet owners. If you value customization and durability, you should opt for Blueberry Pet Collars. You will not be disappointed.