Blueberry Pet Dog Harness Review

Blueberry Pet Dog Harness If you are a dog owner, you would know how important walking is for your dog. Not only does it allow them to stay healthy and physically fit, but it also gives you and your beloved pet a chance to bond.

Since we all want our pets to be safe as they run around a park, or on a sidewalk of a busy road, all of us realize the importance of a harness. A harness plays a vital role in keeping your dog safe.

There are a variety of harnesses available on the market today. However, not all of them are worth your money. What you need is a robust and durable harness for your dog which will insure its safety while also being comfortable to wear.

An uncomfortable harness can lead to an irritable dog. Moreover, the idea of a leash breaking off the harness due to the poor material of the product is the worst nightmare for all dog owners. Therefore, it is crucial to choose wisely.

Different types of dogs require various types of harness. If you are a proud owner of a French Bulldog, Blueberry Pet Dog Harness is one of the products which is worth buying.

Availability of Fluorescent Colors

Do you wish for a harness which is both sturdy and esthetically appealing? Do you think your adorable pet deserves to be in the limelight? If so, you will appreciate this product’s design and colors.

Spring and summer time calls for bright colors. Such bright colors liven up the world. Let your French Bulldog be a part of such a colorful world with the help of this product. This harness is available in three vibrant colors, namely fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent yellow and orange.

The addition of a different colored neoprene layer which proves to be the perfect contrast to the overall fluorescent exterior adds further style to the product.

Not all manufacturers of harnesses and other dog accessories take into account the needs of their dog owners. However, this product does. It realizes that for dog owners if a product is stylish, it acts as an extra oomph factor.

Such attention to the needs of the dog owners and appearance of the harness has made this product stand out amongst its competitors. It also plays a part in making this product the best harness for French Bulldog.

Enhanced Stability & Comfort

Not all harnesses succeed in satisfying both your and your pet’s needs. However, this product does. With the help of its neoprene material, the harness has successfully insured that the product remains stable and fits well onto your French Bulldog.

The material of the neoprene also provides added comfort to your pet. No more does a harness seem like a load. No more do you have to chase your dog around begging it to put the harness on. This product insures that your dog enjoys putting on a harness as much as it enjoys going on a walk.

The neoprene also plays an integral role in making this product a premium quality harness. Since quality is one feature that every customer looks for in a product, the addition of such high-quality material has insured that this product is well-received by users everywhere.

When such a high quality is added to comfort, the resulting product is bound to please many users. And this is what this product has succeeded in doing.


Apart from the above-mentioned key features, this product is packed with various value-added specifications. Such characteristics include the following:

  • The product has a chest girth of 17-20 inches and a neck size of 16.5 inches.
  • The harness cannot be stretched therefore it is advised that you carefully check out the required measurements of your French Bulldog before choosing a size.
  • The 3M reflective material of the neoprene harness not only allows for high quality but also insures that the product is as stylish as possible.
  • The product is accompanied with a loop tied to the logo. This feature provides you with the option to attach dog charms, tags, or other accessories to the harness.
  • The loop is not meant to be attached to any dog leash.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This product has been well-received by dog owners everywhere. They are satisfied with the overall performance of the harness and the value that it brings.

Customers have reported that the neoprene padding is a great addition to the product which has insured that their pets are as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the harness is available at a very reasonable price. Such affordability enhances the appeal of the product, especially amongst those who are more cost-conscious when making their purchase decisions. Furthermore, the product is highly durable and reliable which means that there is a minimal risk of the leash breaking off and your dog running on a dangerous road.

However, customers feel that the sizing of the product is very hard to choose for a perfect fit. Since it is not stretchable at all, if you do not get a perfect size, the harness would be useless to you. Such a drawback means that customers feel difficulty in deciding whether the harness in question is a good fit for their dog or not.

Nonetheless, the product tries its best in decreasing the inconvenience caused by the difficulty in picking the correct size by explicitly mentioning the size of the product in its features and warning potential purchasers about the pitfalls of not correctly measuring their dogs out. Such honesty insures that customers are well aware, and also helps in building strong customer relationships.

All in all, the pros of this dog harness outstrip the cons with great ease. The product is well-made, stylish, affordable, and comfortable. All of these values make this harness the best harness for French Bulldog.

If you are an owner of a bulldog and looking for a harness which offers you more value than cost, you may want to try Blueberry Pet Dog Harness. You will not be disappointed.