Expawlorer Front Range Dog Harness Review

Expawlorer Front Range Dog Harness

Are you tired of trying harness after harness as you search for the perfect product for your French Bulldog? Are you concerned about the size and fitting of the potential harness you can purchase? If so, you are one of the many dog owners who struggle to provide their dogs with the best French Bulldog harness available on the market.

Harnesses are considered to be a crucial equipment to have if you are a proud owner of a dog. They insure that your beloved pet remains safe as you two go on a walk to the park, or stroll on a sidewalk of a busy road. A high-quality harness allows you to control your dog, thereby shielding it from harm.

While there are many options to choose from, choosing the perfect harness for your French Bulldog remains a hard task. At such a time, you will be glad to know that Expawlorer is here with a great product. Its Front Range Dog Harness is packed with value-added features and has succeeded in leaving a mark. Such a product may prove to be perfect for you.

Prevention of Injuries

A good harness does more than just insuring that you have control over your dog when it is walking. It also insures that your pet is safe from injuries and other unfortunate accidents.

All dog owners will relate to the difficulty of making sure that their pets remain safe when traveling in a car. It is also harder to safely control them if they love to chase after birds and other dogs at parks. At such times, poorly made harnesses and collars may cause injuries to your dog. They may result in harm to your dog’s neck and spine.

The manufacturer realizes such a drawback of available products and has worked to make a product that effectively avoids these issues. And it has succeeded. This harness insures that the pressure from your pet’s neck is eliminated. Such a feature guarantees that your dog is safe from windpipe and spine injuries in case it pulls at its harness.

It also allows you to train your dog about how to walk properly without pulling away too much. With such benefits backing the harness up, it comes as no surprise that this product is considered to be the best French Bulldog harness.

Easy Visibility & Sturdiness

Do you prefer to walk your dog at night? Do you find your busy schedule to render you incapable of taking your French Bulldog on walks in the light of the day? If so, it is important to choose a harness which allows greater visibility at night.

This product provides you with just that. It features a nylon webbing which is marked by the use of a 3M reflective material. Such a material glows at night and insures that you always have your eyes on your beloved dog. It also makes sure that you can better control its movements.

Furthermore, the addition of a robust handle acts as an added benefit. Not everyone prefers to walk a dog in one’s neighborhood. However, some of us prefer to drive pets to a nearby park where they can interact with nature.

While car rides with your dogs can be fun, they can also be dangerous if your dog cannot stay still, nor has a tendency to run away. This product includes a handle which can effectively be attached to the seat belt of your car, thereby insuring that your dog remains as safe as possible.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, this product also includes an array of specifications including the following:

  • It is available in various colors including pink, black, blue, green, gray, orange, and red. Such a range of colors enhances the esthetic appeal of the product.
  • The chest girth of the product is 22-27 inches.
  • The outer layer of the product is durable and features scratch-resistant material with soft sponge padding for enhanced comfort for your dog.
  • The tensile strength of the product is high owing to the addition of draflex buckle which is lightweight in nature.
  • The product includes two leash attachment points. These points are located in the V-ring on the back and the webbing on the chest space.
  • The product is ideal for small- and medium-sized dogs.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Expawlorer Front Range Dog Harness
This harness has been lauded by customers for its high quality and durability. Many users have appreciated the availability of various colors which satisfy their need for an esthetically appealing product. Such vibrant colors allow the harness and hence your French Bulldog to stand out amongst the masses. Furthermore, the enhanced visibility has been well-received by users who find this feature to be very convenient for late-night strolls. The fact that the product is marked by a low price acts as an added advantage.

However, users feel that the product should be equipped with directions of how to pull the straps and advice on how to make your dog wear the product with ease. Lack of instructions causes an initial inconvenience to users who feel lost about how to put the product on their pets.

Nonetheless, after a few days of trouble, you will realize that in the long term, the product offers a variety of features. Such features are noticeably not found in many of the products within the same price range.

All in all, considering its key features and the values it succeeds in delivering, one can say that this product is the best French Bulldog harness. Not only does it insure that your dog is as comfortable as possible as it walks around the neighborhood or a park, but it also guarantees that the harness does not harm your beloved pet. As you add robustness, durability, affordability, and a stylish design to the product, it can easily be dubbed perfect for your dog.

If you value any of the above-mentioned features and wish for a low-cost and high-quality product, make sure you give Expawlorer Front Range Dog Harness a try.