The History of French Bulldog

French bulldogDogs are considered to be a man’s best friend, and rightly so. These little creatures shower countless love and loyalty for nothing in return except love and commitment. While there are innumerable breed of dogs existing in this world, the French bulldog was rated as the fourth most popular dog to be in the United Kingdom in 2014. Often known as ‘Frenchie’, the French bulldog falls under the category of domestic pets. The Frenchie came in to existence after a cross between the local ratters in Paris and special ancestors of bulldogs imported from England in 1800. 


The modern breed of French bulldog descends from the ancient Greek tribe of Molossians which were involved in the act of breeding dogs in large numbers merely for using them whenever a war broke out or when they were needed for labour purposes. As a result, sub-families came into being in the form of innumerable breeds for instance Pit bulls, Great, Newfoundlanders, St. Bernard’s etc. There was another breed as well by the name of Bullenbeisser which were kept for using in a brutal sport known as bull-baiting where dogs latched their powerful jaws onto a bull’s snout which was simply to try immobilizing a bull. In today’s time, these dogs are famously known as bulldogs.  

Britain in the 1800’s 

It was announced in 1835 that bull-baiting has been outlawed by Britain. After that, bulldogs began living a much comfortable life free from any strenuous acts. Instead, they were made to get involved in cross-breeding with the Bullenbeisser to produce the bulldogs we know today as well as the breeding of bulldogs with terriers in order to create bulldogs with tiny figures. That is how London streets and houses were found having miniature bulldogs by the 1850’s. After cross-breeding, the bulldogs produced had a broad face and a short muzzle which was said to be the only feature they inherited from the Bullenbeisser. The bulldogs which previously performed well in sports begin to fit perfectly as companions for their owners. The cross-breeding of bulldogs with pugs as well as terriers just before making their way to France gave birth to French bulldogs which are seen quite frequently presently.  

Working their charm in France 

Conformation shows were full of these miniature bulldogs in England in the 1860’s. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, many lace workers at that time had no other choice but to travel to Normandy in France with hopes of getting work. When these lace workers came back with miniature bulldogs, the idea of importing between the Normans and England became popular and so were miniature bulldogs in France. Miniature bulldogs found a home in France when they were unapproved by the English since they were ready to sell these bulldogs. The French decided to name these bulldogs Bouledogue Français as they quickly grew fond of its small figure, their erect ears, which were some of the features that the English did not consider a sight worth appreciating. Soon, the Bouledogue Français was found resting in the household of every social elite since it became sort of a requirement of every Parisian who wanted to keep up with the fashion symbols of their times.  

Welcoming Kennel Club 

History connects the French Bulldogs to an unpleasant phase in 1893 when the English breeders did not approve of the idea of giving a warm welcome to the new breed with the reason being the inability of Bouledogue Français to match the standard of English Bulldogs. This was after the Bouledogue Français decided to enter England. There was more to the story of why they were so reluctant to let French Bulldogs stay. They feared that if the English Bulldogs and Bouledogue Français breeds stayed in one place, it would ultimately result in their cross-breeding which was an alarming thought for the English. The good thing that came out of this was the formation of the American Kennel Club by those in favor of Bouledogue Français. 1902 was the year when their first show took place. A year later, the English Kennel Club noted the rising popularity of this breed and then decided to let the Bouledogue Français enter their roster. They were later given the name of “French Bulldogs”.  

Winning American Hearts 

The Americans who had been given the opportunity to travel had started arriving in accompanied by French Bulldogs America traveling through Europe back in 1885. That is how the American social elite started to grow familiar with French Bulldogs and were completely driven towards the idea of having one at home. Moreover, in 1898 the efforts that were made by Rockefellers and J.P Morgan’s, famously known for having highly-influential owners of French Bulldogs, heightened the rate of recognition of the breed through the American Kennel Club.   

In the Present World 

These facts prove that bulldogs have come a long way before finding a soft spot in the heart of every individual who has a deep interest in dogs, especially French Bulldogs. These huge Grecian dogs involved in war and labor have now filled every heart with immense love and the desire to bring them home. Their history will make us realize how all of the early breeder’s efforts in the past have given opportunity to the French bulldogs today to be appreciated by every dog lover.  

Being known for possessing a gentle attitude, French Bulldogs give the best company. Whether you are at home reading a book or working on your computer, your French bulldog will find its place right next to your feet. It is not an easy task to try living your life in its absence once you get used to it. Do not mistake them for their small figure since they carry with themselves the power to make you fall for them instantly hence proving the fact that French bulldogs have been a source of interest in the past and will continue to be an ideal companion for a long time.