Ruffwear Knot-A-Leash Reflective Dog Leash Review

Are you the proud owner of a dog? If so, you will be well aware of how much a dog loves to walk. Your pet is not meant to stay within the four walls of your house. It is an animal which is genetically predisposed to venture into the world, with its nose held high. A dog loves to interact with the environment as well as other wildlife species. Taking your beloved pet on a walk provides it with the perfect opportunity to do so.

dog leashHowever, such adventures can be dangerous if you are not equipped properly. If the leash your dog is on breaks or it slips off its harness, then its safety is significantly undermined. Your dog may run away or run onto a busy road. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality accessories, especially a leash, to avoid such disastrous incidents from ever occurring. While there is an array of options available on the market, Ruffwear’s Knot-A-Leash Reflective Dog Leash is one of the best leashes available and is worth your money.

Enhanced Durability

Do you crave for a product which is usable for years? Are you tired of having to purchase a new leash every other month? If so, you are not alone. No one likes to waste their time and money on products which don’t last long. Hence, it can be safely said that customers commonly value durability.

Ruffwear understands the value customers put on the quality and, therefore, the robustness of leashes. Hence, it has created a product which it vows will last for years. This feature is ensured by the use of supple kernmantle rope in the leash. Such a material allows this product to be used in rugged landscapes and extreme weathers without bearing any damage.

Increased Safety

One of the worst nightmares of a dog owner is the idea of the leash breaking loose from the collar and your dog running away. For you, the safety of your dog comes before any other feature when looking for the perfect leash.

dog leashThis product features a locked carabiner which is secure and vigorous enough to prevent any nightmares from converting into reality. The high-quality lock ensures that your dog’s collar and the leash are well-bonded, thereby allowing the leash to play its part in guaranteeing your dog’s safety.


  • This product is accompanied by an accessory loop which is marked by convenience. It allows you to run errands and carry bags around while taking your dog along with you
  • The leash is available in two sizes: small and large
  • The webbing handle is tubular in nature, which is highly comfortable and allows you to hold on to the leash with ease when out on walks with your beloved companion
  • The reflective trim included in the leash ensures that you are well aware of the movements of your dog, even in low visibility
  • The product is available in four aesthetically pleasing colors

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Dog owners have lauded this product for its quality and durableness. Moreover, the added security has been appreciated by users who have reported that due to the product, they are not plagued with constant concern and can enjoy walks with their dog.

However, some believe that the manufacturers should produce the product in larger sizes since the leash has a considerably short length. Moreover, since the product lacks the second handle, some think that it is not the perfect choice for those who are surrounded by busy roads.

Regardless of the minor flaws exhibited by the product, the fact remains that it offers greater value than other leashes regarding durability and safety. If you value either of these features, the Ruffwear Knot-A-Leash Reflective Dog Leash will be the perfect choice for you.