Ruffwear – Web Master Harness for Dogs Review

Ruffwear - Web Master SecureTaking out your dog for a walk is one of your essential responsibilities toward your pet. Such an act insures that your pet remains healthy and fit. However, without proper equipment and accessories, the act of walking can prove to be a troublesome process.

Therefore, you should always opt for a high quality and well-fitted harness to combat this issue. A quality harness makes sure that your pet does not slip out, run onto a busy road, or go out of sight. While there is an array of options to choose from, Ruffwear – Web Master Harness is considered to be one of the best harnesses available and is worth your money.

The Fit of the Harness is Customizable

One of the primary issues with a harness is that it may sometimes be loose for the particular breed of your dog. Therefore, before buying a harness, you are required to take careful and accurate measurements to guarantee that your money is not wasted.

This product eliminates the need to take such measurements since its fit is customizable. The harness has five adjustment points which allow for tight fitting as per the body shape of your beloved pet. Such a customizable fit makes sure that your pup can move in whatever direction it wants without feeling uncomfortable and restrained.

Supportive & Comfortable Experience for Your Dog

A major flaw of harnesses is that dogs find them uncomfortable. Due to this disadvantage, many dog owners prefer collars over harnesses even though the former is not a good option if you wish to train your dog or to provide support to its body.

However, this product succeeds in not only providing the anatomical body support that every dog needs but is also highly comfortable, thereby making sure that your dog is a fan of the product and does not put up a fight when you try to put the harness on it. The product is made comfortable via the use of foam padding in the chest and belly strap parts of the product. The design of the product allows you to lift your pup with even dispersion of load. Together these features allow for a good walking excursion.


Ruffwear - Web Master SecureThe product, other than the mentioned characteristics, is marked by the following functions:

  • The product is available in five sizes including XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Such a variety of sizes allow this harness to cater to the masses.
  • The harness is available in three colors, namely blue dusk, twilight gray, and red currant. Such colors reflect fun yet sophistication.
  • The product has two leash points, a V-ring on the top and one at the rear of the handle.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This product has been well-received by dog owners worldwide. It is reported that the product is truly a “non-escape” harness which does wonders for dogs especially those who are energetic and are always pulling on the leash. Moreover, the high quality material used in the harness has allowed for enhanced durability which is a feature always liked by the users.

However, some believe that the quality of the outer material could be improved as fraying is observed in places near the buckle. While such damage does not cause any functional harm, it does undermine the esthetic appeal of the harness.

All in all, even though it has a minor flaw, the overall pros of the product outweigh the cons. If you wish for a product of which your pup does not slip out, you will not be disappointed with this product.

Buy Ruffwear – Web Master Harness. Enjoy peaceful walks.